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Health Benefits

Studies have shown a correlation between sauna use and many health benefits. Each individual is unique, therefore we recommend consulting your doctor to find out how sauna use may benefit you as an individual. In general, however, research, as well as individual testimony of experienced sauna users, attest to the many wonderful benefits. Below are some examples of how a Nature's High Sauna could contribute to your health regimen.

Immune System

Sauna use can help your immune system, increasing your bodies ability to avoid sickness. As your body temperature rises, your body increases production of white blood cells that help to fight off illness.

Hot Sauna

Weight Loss

When sitting in a hot environment, your heart rate increases creating an aerobic effect. This causes your metabolism to rise which, in turn, prompts your body to burn more calories.

Image by HUUM

Healthy Skin

Sauna use helps to remove dead skin cells, rinse out bacteria, improve skin elasticity, and relaxes muscles in the face and body. All of these combine to help your skin look and feel more soft and youthful.

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Pain Relief

The warmth and moisture provided by a sauna can provide relief for sore joints and achy muscles. Whether you suffer from a condition like arthritis or you live an active lifestyle that can lead to sore muscles, a sauna can provide many benefits.

Image by HUUM

Stress Relief

Saunas use can contribute to the release of endorphins, a hormone that aids with the relief of stress and a feeling of well being. Saunas can also contribute to a better nights rest. 

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Invest in your health today! 

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